Simply No Slip

NEW Ceramic, steel, cast iron and porcelain non-slip treatment

Help prevent bathroom slips and falls

Soapy water and smooth, curved or sloping surfaces can combine to make bathrooms, particularly baths and shower trays, very slippery and potentially dangerous – especially for young children or those who aren’t so steady on their feet.

Our new Simply No Slip is an anti-slip coating, is designed to be applied to Ceramic, steel, cast iron and porcelain baths and shower trays.

Simply No Slip treatments are easy to apply and ensure surfaces are much less hazardous when wet. They are permanent, hygienic and practical alternative to bath and shower mats and paint or tapes. Avoid slips and falls with this innovative, with our easy to apply anti-slip treatments.

  • Designed to be applied to ceramic, steel, cast iron and porcelain baths
  • Simple sponge application
  • Application process may be repeated to achieve desired results
  • Creates an invisible, subtle finish
  • Long-lasting
  • Hygienic alternative to bath mats or stickers
  • Ready to use straight away
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use

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Only £34.99 + P&P
1. Using a detergent, white spirit or alcohol, degrease, clean and dry the surface to be treated. No need to mask off fittings.
2. Remove the cap and press the sponge head hard down on to the surface to be treated to break the seal.
3. Apply the solution uniformly to the area you wish to treat, going over the same surface until you have used the whole of the contents, creating excess liquid if necessary.
4. After 10 minutes rinse down the treated area with copious amounts of water.
5. Test the treated area by wetting the surface and applying downward/sideways pressure to compare a treated and non-treated area.
Contains Butoxyethanol (<10%)

Keep out of the reach of children.

If swallowed seek medical attention immediately.

Irritating to the eyes and skin, rinse with water if contact occurs

Do not inhale